You will learn the necessary skills to learn to think strategically with a global vision of business in order to control risk and gain advantage from opportunities. Students will need to wear masks on campus and may not gather in common areas. You can do this if you are particularly interested in deepening your knowledge of a subject or if you need to find out if you like this field of knowledge. Demonstrate multicultural sensitivity and awareness to global issues, opportunities and sustainability. The Master in International Tourism Management equips students to lead business projects in the tourism sector, developing skills that enable them to adapt to this increasingly segmented and competitive market. Courses are delivered in English and focused on international environments. Lectures, guest speakers, seminars, ‘creative dialogues’ and e-learning activities will facilitate your advanced learning and skill development in this exciting international tourism industry. Our academic staff will support you as you develop your international tourism management skills, preparing you for senior roles that require critical thinking, problem-solving capabilities, and research and analytical acumen. Schiller International University is focused on preparing students for a professional career. Maîtrise en développement du tourisme. Full-time, 12 months, October 2021: Applications open. Advanced subjects in business and tourism management are coupled with core business knowledge and management skills development. Career. This course is no longer accepting applications for 2020 entry. The hired@UCB team comprises specialist and qualified staff with knowledge and experience of: Course duration: Master of Science – 18 months, full timePostgraduate Diploma – 1 year, full timeGraduate Certificate – 6 months, full time, For more information, please contact us. This diversity creates the international learning environments and personal experiences that Schiller International students are looking for! The International Leisure, Tourism & Events Management master programme is the perfect specialisation if you are interested in developing sustainable leisure concepts. The MIM program has been designed to prepare students who have already completed a course of study in a non-business field specifically for positions in international management. Communication and economy International Tourism and Leisure Management is a uniquely, combined programme which is comprised of 50 % social science/economy subjects and 50 % cultural and communication subjects. Master International Tourism Management .  +919029777766, +919029555511, +919029291154, College of Food and Hospitality Management, International Hospitality Business Management, School of Education, Health and Community, Marketing Management for Events, Hospitality and Tourism, Teaching, Learning and Assessment Strategy 2015-2020, Information for Parents (College Students). The Master gives students the opportunity to learn to make decisions efficiently from a business and international perspective that always embraces new technologies. Mit dem interdisziplinären Master-Programm des Fachbereichs International Tourism Management (ITM) und des Center for Advanced Sustainable Management (CASM) erwerben Sie die geforderten Schlüsselqualifikationen, um sich bei Arbeitgebern der Tourismuswirtschaft weltweit zu profilieren. Founded by a former international student, Flywire’s mission is to save money for international students and their families, who would otherwise get lost with bank fees and unfavourable foreign exchange rates. This Master's Degree aims to provide students with the tools and resources needed for a solid international career in the tourism and hospitality sectors. Start now and get ahead at home on our Campuses, and travel to one of our campuses abroad when it is safe to do so. Admission requirements. We will help you transfer with ease. The USI Master in International Tourism equips you for a high-level career in management positions within Destination Management & Marketing Organizations; Transportation & Accommodation companies; (online) Tour Operators; (virtual) Event Management & Conferences; Corporate Travel Management; Tourism Research & Consultancy; Governments, NGOs, and Tourism Industry … The training is in English. The facilities also include check-in areas and Galileo GDS system for training students. Our master’s degree in tourism management will equip you to thrive in the dynamic international tourism sector. My wish was to obtain a master’s degree in business administration. Course duration: There is also a range of action-learning opportunities through case studies, scenario planning, simulations and live projects. Closing date: Thursday 22 July 2021. An MSc in International Tourism Management, with its emphasis on data analysis, strategy and sustainable and global thinking, prepares you to be a leader in international tourism and to develop a career in a variety of roles, including: With an ever increasing number of destinations worldwide opening up to and investing in tourism, our International Tourism master’s degree is ideally scoped to boost your career in this diverse and dynamic sector. Presidents’ Undergraduate/Graduate scholarship, International Scholarship Undergraduate and Graduate, Employer Reimbursement Matching Scholarship. International Tourism Management MSc. We are happy to help you throughout the online process. Therefore, we want to help you achieve your dream and study what you have always wanted. The practical industry project is a great opportunity to travel abroad and gain “hands on” experience of international tourism management. Continue studying thanks to the 25% Scholarship available in this Master's Degree. Fachhochschule Westküste. This supports our continuous goal of developing the world leaders needed for the future! Das Studium "International Tourism Management" an der staatlichen "Hochschule Worms" hat eine Regelstudienzeit von 4 Semestern und endet mit dem Abschluss "Master of Arts". UCB is an Institute of Travel & Tourism Centre of Excellence with an international reputation for tourism studies and tourism planning. You will be assessed through case study analysis, presentations, essays, e-discussions and debates through a range of individual and team-based environments. Define your educational and professional goals, and discuss whether a Schiller degree will meet your needs. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation, tourism accounted for 10% of global GDP in 2017, with more than 313 million people working in the industry. Assess the potential impact of hospitality operations on the operating environment. This is a high-level tourism course and will appeal to students from India who are interested in a respected travel management course that offers opportunities to specialise thanks to our flexible module offer. This Master's in International Tourism and Hospitality Management has been developed to meet … To view module information for this course, please visit the main University College Birmingham website. Fritz-Thiedemann-Ring 20 25746 Heide. For Schiller International our students come first, so we are constantly thinking about how we can adapt to you and your circumstances. The Degree program in International Tourism and Event Management is intended for students who wish to develop their professional knowledge, leadership skills, strategic management, innovation, and process management in the international tourism and event management context. Die Agentur hat seit 2002 mit die meisten Studiengänge an öffentlichen Hochschulen in Deutschland akkreditiert. MBA in Tourism. International Tourism Management. We offer instructional delivery adapted to meet your learning style. We’ve also adopted social distancing to ensure that students, faculty and staff are as safe as possible. The next entry is 2021. Study a Master of International Sustainable Tourism Management. Do you want to continue learning but due to the current situation do not see it possible? The most adequate candidates for studying the Master's Degree in International Tourism Management shall be those candidates who are holders of a Bachelor's Degree in Tourism or holders of other field such as: economical sciences, legal sciences, social sciences and human sciences. Our course format consists of studying one subject per month so you can put all your efforts into learning the knowledge and skills of a specific course topic at a time. Graduates of the MBA in International Hospitality & Tourism Management will be able to: To learn more about studying an international degree based on the US higher education system, go to our "Academics" section on our FAQ page. You may start this program at the start of any month. Latest news: we offer you a limited number of The Pandemic Scholarship for Graduates. If you do not have one of the above qualifications, please see here for the full list of accepted alternatives. You will work collaboratively with classmates on such projects as case studies and prepare presentations with professional from the field. “I can honestly say that I got much more out of the Master in International Tourism Management program than I first expected. It will be taken into account the following merits: Closing date: Thursday 10 December 2020. You will earn an international degree valid in both the US and the EU from an accredited American university and a TOP British university. Master of International Tourism Management . An error occurred while submitting your request.Please try again in a few International Leisure, Tourism & Events Management Overview. Master of Science – 18 months, full timePostgraduate Diploma – 1 year, full timeGraduate Certificate – 6 months, full time, This degree is accredited by the University of Birmingham. We offer two ways to make your studies and payments more flexible: enroll in a single subject to deepen your knowledge or take 4 different courses to figure out the best path forward for you. Therefore, we offer two ways to make your studies and payments more flexible: After this time, evaluate if you want to continue and we will help you formalize your situation. You will study the entire master degree in English and, have the opportunity to do it at your own pace with a flexible program. We are ready for you whether you prefer to start online or on campus and switch at any time! We care about your academic needs. We will be happy to help you achieve your goals. Provide us with your contact details and the information you are interested in receiving and we’ll get back to you. Der MBA in International Tourism Management ist durch die Agentur AQAS akkreditiert (Agentur für Qualitätssicherung durch Akkreditierung von Studiengängen e.V.). Our faculty is international and brings a diverse array of professional experience. A 3 year degree with an average of at least 60%A 4 year degree with an overall average of at least 55%. This commitment reflects support to current students and fellow graduates beyond graduation. International Tourism Management MSc. Register for 4 subjects (equivalent to 12 credits), take the subject month by month and see if it is the path you want to follow. For over 50 years, the Schiller International University faculty and staff have brought the credentials and expertise needed to support the foundations of international learning. You will also get a thorough understanding of contemporary issues affecting the sector. Through the Monash Abroad travel scholarship you will be able to participate in our international... Gain credit with an internship. The MA in International Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management will help you thrive in the world’s fastest-growing industries, broadening your understanding of the sector and giving you the skills to work in a globalised business environment. The Management of International Tourism (MIT) Master’s Degree provides international students with in-depth and interdisciplinary knowledge of the international dimension of tourism exchanges, and skills that are highly valued by specialist public institutions and tourism operators. Don’t let COVID-19 stop you from studying an international degree. You are now part of Schiller’s learning community. Graduates of the MBA in International Hospitality & Tourism Management will be able to: Analyze and interpret the impact of global issues facing hospitality managers. Allgemeine Anfragen: Telefon +49 (0) 481 8555-0 … University College Birmingham’s master’s degree in tourism management features a popular real-world industry project in an international setting, making it distinct from other travel and tourism courses. Throughout this travel and tourism degree, you will collaborate on other industry projects and benefit from networking, debating contemporary issues and mixing with a diverse student body. Auch hier besteht häufig die Möglichkeit, sich auf internationale Aufgaben vorzubereiten: Do not wait any longer! Here's your chance to be a triple threat across tourism, hospitality and business. Full-time, 12 months, February 2021: Applications open. Here is an opportunity! Das Studium wird als Vollzeitstudium angeboten. Follow the step by step and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Admissions Team. Students fulfilling the MBA in International Hospitality & Tourism Management are encouraged to seek internship opportunities to support their learning and to gain advanced work experience. Graduating with this MSc will enable you to pursue a career path in: hired@UCB is our student and alumni support service designed to provide a single reference point for information, advice and guidance regarding opportunities to develop and demonstrate employability and enterprise skills. Price for Schiller Online (Distance Learning), International Hospitality and Tourism Management (MBA), Hotel and Restaurant Accounting Information Systems, Analyze and interpret the impact of global issues facing hospitality managers, Assess the potential impact of hospitality operations on the operating environment, Demonstrate multicultural sensitivity and awareness to global issues, opportunities and sustainability, Create an appropriate strategic plan for a hospitality enterprise, Demonstrate understanding of other businesses operating within the broader tourism context and predict their impact upon hospitality enterprises. If you need a change of location, you can continue on another campus of your choice if your program is available there, or study Online. Schiller’s International learning community includes a network of more than 20.000 graduates in over 200 cities who remain committed to the University. This MBA in International Hospitality and Tourism Management will prepare you to advance your career to the next level of leadership through new expertise. Our academic staff will support you as you develop your international tourism management skills, preparing you for senior roles that require critical thinking, problem-solving capabilities, and research and analytical acumen. Would you like more information? The only Master of Science in Austria awarded the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s TedQual Certification, the program focuses on leadership and management, specifically with regards to hospitality-related companies, tourism marketing, tourism planning organizations, and policy makers. Ask our admissions team for help: questions you may have to make the decision, scholarships available, financial aid... Our priority remains to provide you with an uninterrupted and safe educational experience despite the current circumstances. Students in Tourism Management Master Programmes study in a dynamic multicultural … Der Standort des Studiums ist Worms. We will help you with everything you need! This double degree prepares you to be at the forefront of the tourism and hospitality industry, with credentials reinforced by our internationally recognised MBA. Die Broschüre "Tourismusmanagement an der FH Westküste, Bachelor- & Masterstudiengänge" als PDF Download. International tourism management is a broad field encompassing a variety of career options. Our campuses are home to students from more than 130 countries. These opportunities may include roles such as: At Schiller International, we are committed to making our community grow through people like you who are looking to improve themselves and for whom every day is an opportunity to be successful. Contact our Admissions Team for further details. No matter what format you choose, we will provide you with the quality education you deserve. Choose from a wide range of courses on critical issues in tourism management from around the world, and research an area of interest supervised by world-renowned academics. We have partnered with Flywire to offer you an innovative and simple way to make a payment from your home country. If you maintain a good Grade Point Average, you may study more than one subject per month and complete your program in less time. Basic business knowledge and subject-specific abilities: The MBA in International Tourism at the International Graduate Center (IGC) prepares you to become a leader in the dynamic tourism industry. In any case, the campus will be open (if possible according to the regulations of each national and state government) and the staff available to students in person as well as virtually. It is based on three pillars: International Tourism Policies and Regulations; Destination Planning and Development; and Destination Management and Governance. You are required to secure your own placement with the support of our highly experienced hired@UCB team, who have a diverse mix of experience in a wide variety of industries. You will benefit from professional mentoring, helping you to map your future tourism careers. Any other top administrative positions in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. 25% Scholarship on all our master degree programs. Find out about all our scholarships and financial aid and contact us if you would like more information: You have many Schiller International programs of study to choose from. Rome Business School's Master in Tourism Management is designed the attendees with technical and managerial skills and a thorough knowledge of the tourism business in order to start a career in it, all within the framework of one of the most popular touristic locations: Rome, landmark of the Italian culture. We are here to help you find a program that meets your Career goals. We have just received your request for information.We will contact you shortly to answer your questions and provide you with all the information you need. Graduates have also gone on to work in corporate travel, destination management, business travel, consultancy, set up their own businesses, and work in the wider travel industry. The language of instruction is English. Apply. Remember that you can study this program online or in person on any of our campuses. Business/Events/Marketing/Finance/Aviation/Tourism/Education/. Master in Tourism Management. It includes transcripts, documentation, proof of English proficiency, etc. In recent decades, tourism has become one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world. The Pandemic Scholarship: 25% on all our Master Degrees!

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