What happened to William Fraser in Outlander? Tag: William Buccleigh MacKenzie. I joined Outlandish Vancouver (OV) for a “Party in the Suites” with none other than Dougal-in-Disguise, Graham McTavish! William Fraser - or William Simon Murtagh MacKenzie Fraser - was the eldest son of Ellen MacKenzie and Brian Fraser. But once she saw his audition, she knew he was it and agreed with the producers. Sunday was a wonderful day for me. Mostly because he was nearly too pretty. The romance, of course, is a big draw, as is the action, drama, incredible acting and writing, and so much more. William Buccleigh MacKenzie unintentionally passes through the stones and shows up at 20th century Lallybroch with Roger, Brianna and the kids in Echo. Meet Graham McTavish – OV Party in the Suites. If you watch the Outlander series on TV or have read the Outlander books, you’re familiar with the MacKenzie Clan and in particular, James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser. In Scotland, clans originated from Celtic or Norman ancestors. It is home to Jamie’s Uncle, Colum Mackenzie, and his clan, after all. When Diana Gabaldon, author of the Outlander books, first heard they were considering Scottish actor, Sam Heughan, for the role of Jamie Fraser, she was unsure if he was the right fit. If not, keep reading and you will be soon enough. He appeared earlier in Drums on the ship Roger sailed on from Europe to the colonies (with his wife Morag and Son Jem). Find out what author Diana Gabaldon says was the driving force behind her decision. The beautiful thing about a show like Outlander, is there are so many things to love about it. It is available on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.As season six comes out speculations are all over about what will happen. 7 He Doesn't Know He'd Met Other Ancestors Along The Way Outlander Season 6 Updates: Outlander is a series whose plot has kept us addicted to the show for the previous five seasons. Outlander actor Sam Heughan gives promising new update on season 6 filming for Starz drama as he says that cast and crew are "gearing up" to make more episodes. In a fun bit of casting that “Outlander” managed to keep a secret, Buck was played by Graham McTavish, aka Dougal Mackenzie. On Outlander season 5 episode 10, Stephen Bonnet dies thanks to Brianna killing him. Posted on November 17, 2020. RELATED: Outlander: The Main Characters, Ranked From Most Heroic To Most Villainous. In a fascinating turn of events, Roger met Gillian Edgars in Scotland who then traveled 200 years into the past, became Geillis Duncan, and gave birth to Roger's direct ancestor, William MacKenzie. Meet the cast of Outlander series five including The Witcher star. The dramatic story with lots of action and romance is based on the books by Diana Gabaldon, and continues to attract fans every season.. RELATED: Outlander: 10 Facts About Time Travel From The Books The Show Leaves Out In the story, the theories of time travel are explained … The TV series Outlander has brought a new perspective to the theories of time travel that fascinate many viewers. In the case of the MacKenzie family, it was Celtic origins.

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